Celebrity Comrades

A list of some socialist, communist, and anarchist celebrities. Did your school teach you that Helen Keller was a Socialist? Yeah, ours didn’t either. Don’t believe us? Click the link in each entry and read on!

Albert Einstein: Physicist, Teacher

Socialist, Anti-Racist Activist

Woody Guthrie: Musician

Communist, Antifascist

Helen Keller: Author, Disability Activist

Socialist, Pacifist, Suffragist, Birth Control Advocate

Martin Luther King Jr.: Minister, Activist

Democratic Socialist, Racial Justice Advocate

Tom Morello: Guitarist for Rage Against the Machine

Marxist, IWW Member, Social Justice Advocate

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Politician, former bartender

Democratic Socialist, Mutual Aid Activist

George Orwell: Author, Teacher, Veteran

Democratic Socialist, Antifascist

Dorothy Parker: Author, Poet, Critic

Socialist, Founder of the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League

Pablo Picasso: Painter, Sculptor, Designer

Communist, Propagandist

Boots Riley: Musician, Filmmaker

Communist, Occupy Oakland, Mentor

Bernie Sanders: Politician, Activist

Democratic Socialist, Lifelong Protester

John Steinbeck: Author, War Correspondent

Communist, Working Class Propagandist

Howard Zinn: Author, Playwright

Socialist, Civil Rights Activist