Reproductive Rights in Vermont

The Right has spent decades attacking abortion access with restrictive and unnecessary regulations, violent attacks at health clinics, the prosecution of individual women, and the setting a legal framework to bestow “personhood” on fetuses. And now, with Texas attempting to put what abortion rights we have back in the air, we need to keep theContinue reading “Reproductive Rights in Vermont”

Protecting Pensions: From Defense to Offense

The words “class struggle” may not have been uttered at the two-hour April 3rd rally at the VT Statehouse, but few can doubt the far-reaching import of the words of the mostly female speakers. In the first half, testimonies focused on the themes of the legislature’s betrayal; more burdensome economic futures for teachers, nurses, andContinue reading “Protecting Pensions: From Defense to Offense”

Links for VT Renews and AFL-CIO

At our last meeting, guest speakers shared some links that we wanted to make available for ongoing and easy reference, so here they are: The Vermont Renews Convergence, Sunday, March 28, 1 – 3:30pm EDT The AFL-CIO “Pass Majority Card Check” letter you can sign & send The AFL-CIO “Contact a Union Organizer” page forContinue reading “Links for VT Renews and AFL-CIO”