A Bad Romance: Biden and Enbridge Line 3

Our climate emergency worsens each day. Scientists have just declared that 2021 brought North America the hottest June on record. More heat waves, droughts, wildfires, and die-offs await us. Despite such shocking circumstances, the Biden Administration offers no leadership. Despite broadcasting his commitment to tackling climate change, his American Jobs Act already brings humiliating concessionsContinue reading “A Bad Romance: Biden and Enbridge Line 3”

Amazon: Organizing After a Defeat

For the union to succeed in the historic drive to get recognition at Amazon’s facility in Bessemer, Alabama, USA, fifty-per cent plus one would have had to vote “yes”. Out of the 3,215 workers who voted over seven weeks up to 29 March, 1,798 “no” votes and 738 “yes” votes were recorded before voided andContinue reading “Amazon: Organizing After a Defeat”

Building the Solidarity Economy in Vermont

This is the first in what we hope will be a series of blog posts contributed by members. To submit your own, please check out our guidelines here. One of the key foundations for us as members of the DSA is the importance of democracy. In a capitalist system, kleptocratic domination is the prevailing lawContinue reading “Building the Solidarity Economy in Vermont”