We’re Official!

Our bylaws have been approved by National. We are now an official DSA chapter! This means that we will be easier for new members to find, we will have new resources, and we will soon be able to access funds in a more official way than passing around the coffee can.

Up next: Elections!

If you would like to run for the Organizing Committee, or help out in the Nominations Committee, be sure to attend our next meeting.

Now more than ever…


This banner was designed by a local DSA member and printed at a union shop right here in central Vermont. It was made to present a united front from each of the Vermont DSA chapters at a planned rally in response to Trump’s attempt to discard the results of the 2020 US presidential elections. Though Trump may soon be gone, capitalism remains, and so does the need for socialist organizing in Vermont. We hope this banner can be used by DSA chapters across the state in the days to come to show Vermonters that there is an alternative to continuing austerity and exploitation. The printing cost for the banner was $204, and was fronted by a local DSA member. If you’re able, please help us pay them back.

You can contribute by Venmo to: @Traven-Leyshon

Total Raised:
$55 of $204