CVT DSA Statement on Abortion

The Supreme Court is determined to overturn Roe v. Wade this summer, denying essential healthcare to millions of Americans. This is a violent political attack on our bodily autonomy, set to criminalize deeply personal medical decisions. We must mobilize to demand free abortion, on demand, without apology. The struggle for reproductive rights is a part of our shared working-class struggle, and we will not take one step backwards. 

At mass demonstrations on May 14, including in Montpelier, we will strengthen coalitions of abortion providers and funds, organizers and volunteers, across the country. We remain determined to connect people with the abortion care they need, no matter what. There are battles to win on all fronts. Central Vermont DSA proudly endorses and organizes with Planned Parenthood for the passage of the Reproductive Liberty Amendment, which will strengthen Vermont’s status as a safe haven for reproductive freedom. At the same time, legalized abortion in the US does not mean equal access under a capitalist patriarchy, and a federal ban could still threaten the RLA. We are committed to the struggle for economic and reproductive justice through grassroots fundraising for Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom, Vermont’s abortion fund, and through building the network of practical support required to increase access to both medication and surgical abortion. 

Parenthood is a key economic battlefront which unites us all. The ruling class would rather turn to forced reproduction than to build the socialized network of care we demand in order to grow healthy babies and families. This is a battle cry for Medicare for All, paid parental leave, care equity for black mothers, universal child care, livable wages, and unionized labor. We will fill the streets and make our voices heard. Solidarity!

Take Action:

  • Join us at our next meeting on May 19 to hear more from our Socialist Feminist working group and Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom. Register Here.
  • Pledge to vote YES on the Reproductive Liberty Amendment to Vermont’s constitution in November.

Remarks to “Vermont Stands With Ukraine” Solidarity Rally


Paul Fleckenstein, DSA, and Tempest Collective

Hello sisters, brothers, and siblings.

First, thank you to the organizers of this rally. This is important work. 

The many anti-war protests I have attended on this lawn involve standing in solidarity with the victims of war, with those who resist occupation, understanding how we got here, and asking what are we going to do?

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Russia Out of Ukraine — Solidarity with Ukraine’s People! 

Ukrainians are waging a heroic resistance against Russia’s invasion. Forced to regroup by the resistance, Putin and his generals have turned to the scorched earth strategy they used in their wars in Chechnya and Syria, putting millions of people’s lives in jeopardy.

Putin probably intends to permanently occupy much greater areas in eastern Ukraine than Russia currently controls. He will try to drive out opponents from these areas and impose terror against Ukrainians who stay. He intends to force Ukraine into a post-war agreement that destroys Ukrainian self-determination, possibly partitioning the country and subordinating a rump Ukraine to Russia.

The hope amid this horror is the emergence of international antiwar resistance from below. The most important component of it is the Ukrainian resistance. That resistance has inspired antiwar organizing throughout the world, most significantly in Russia itself.

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