Russia Out of Ukraine — Solidarity with Ukraine’s People! 

Ukrainians are waging a heroic resistance against Russia’s invasion. Forced to regroup by the resistance, Putin and his generals have turned to the scorched earth strategy they used in their wars in Chechnya and Syria, putting millions of people’s lives in jeopardy. Putin probably intends to permanently occupy much greater areas in eastern Ukraine thanContinue reading “Russia Out of Ukraine — Solidarity with Ukraine’s People! “

Amazon: Organizing After a Defeat

For the union to succeed in the historic drive to get recognition at Amazon’s facility in Bessemer, Alabama, USA, fifty-per cent plus one would have had to vote “yes”. Out of the 3,215 workers who voted over seven weeks up to 29 March, 1,798 “no” votes and 738 “yes” votes were recorded before voided andContinue reading “Amazon: Organizing After a Defeat”