Reproductive Rights in Vermont

The Right has spent decades attacking abortion access with restrictive and unnecessary regulations, violent attacks at health clinics, the prosecution of individual women, and the setting a legal framework to bestow “personhood” on fetuses. And now, with Texas attempting to put what abortion rights we have back in the air, we need to keep theContinue reading “Reproductive Rights in Vermont”

A Bad Romance: Biden and Enbridge Line 3

Our climate emergency worsens each day. Scientists have just declared that 2021 brought North America the hottest June on record. More heat waves, droughts, wildfires, and die-offs await us. Despite such shocking circumstances, the Biden Administration offers no leadership. Despite broadcasting his commitment to tackling climate change, his American Jobs Act already brings humiliating concessionsContinue reading “A Bad Romance: Biden and Enbridge Line 3”

Thoughts Towards Strategic Organizing at Amazon

The U.S. labor movement has an unfortunate practice of failing to publicly draw lessons from our setbacks. Yet it’s important that labor and the left learn from the Bessemer Amazon experience. After all, we’ve seen a series of defeats in the South from Volkswagen to Nissan and now to Amazon.  In this article we wantContinue reading “Thoughts Towards Strategic Organizing at Amazon”